Disney's Distorted Mirror


The new theme park, "Disney's Animal Kingdom" claims to be about education, nature, and conservation. But it is really an immersive form of fiction that lets us interact with disguised images from the unconscious.

This web site tries to provide an x-ray of the park, to reveal the way it plays on our fantasies and our fears and desires in order to manipulate us. The site is part of a larger effort to reveal the way contemporary culture  is turning our surroundings into a mirror that reflects back a distorted version of ourselves.

Disney's Distorted Mirror
(Main essay.)
Disney's Animal Kingdom is a story-based simulation that takes our unconscious fantasies and uses them to create a form of psycho-drama disguised as a nature park. In place of depicting nature, it offers us a massively denied version of human nature.


Kilimanjaro Safaris
as a Journey Into the Self

This essay provides a more detailed description of the elements of story-based simulations in an examination of one of the main attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Worlds in a Bottle:
Artificial Rain Forests

This is an earlier essay from elsewhere on the Transparency web site that describes some of the forms of artificial nature that preceded Disney's Animal Kingdom.


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