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Barnicle's Borrowings

by Ken Sanes

Here are some of the quotes from Barnicle's Sunday column and from the George Carlin book, Braindroppings, that he took the ideas from. The quotes were provided by Mark Robinson, the Maine resident who revealed the existence of the stolen material on Monday. They conform to what the Globe published today, except in one instance, the Globe uses the phrase "want to" whereas Robinson's quote says "wanna.".

Carlin: Someday I wanna see the Pope come out on that balcony and give the football scores.

Barnicle: Someday I’d love to see the Pope appear on his balcony and announce the baseball scores.

Carlin: I read that a Detroit man and his friend were arrested because they had forced the man’s five-year-old son to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and perform oral sex on them. Can you imagine? Cigarettes!

Barnicle: When liberals are told that a couple has been sentenced to jail for forcing a 7-year-old to smoke cigarettes, drink liquor, and have sex with an adult for money, they say: "Cigarettes? That’s awful!"

Carlin: People Who Should Be Phased Out: Guys who wear suits all day and think an earring makes them cool at night.

Barnicle: I don’t get it when guys over 40 think they’re cool because they wear an earring.


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