Logan's Run

"Sometime in the 23rd century...the survivors of war,
overpopulation and pollution are living in a great domed
city, sealed away from the forgotten world outside.

Here in an ecologically balanced world, mankind lives only
for pleasure, freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide
everything. There's just one catch. Life must end at thirty
unless reborn in the fiery ritual of carousel.  "

     - introduction to Logan's Run (the movie) 

Logan's Run is a brilliant expression of our new mythology.
It tells the story of a future humanity trapped by a computer
in a prison, disguised to look like a paradise of sensual delights.

But a man and woman escape back out into the world
where they learn the truths that  have been kept
from the human race...

Is it the story of what we are becoming?

The Story

Logan's Run as a Critique of  Society:
Sex, Power, Illusion

Logan's Run as a Disguised Account
of  Personal Development:
Family, Mind, Birth

Logan's Run as Myth:
Adam, Christ, Rome

The Meaning of Logan's Run:
Society's Power Brokers as
Infantilizing Pseudo-Parents 


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