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The News Media's Effort
To Hide from Significant Truth

Polemical Introduction
The Basic Model
Narrative and Action
The Goals of the Book

I. Image and Action
The Mechanics of Image Construction
A Schematic Model of Image Construction
The Dynamics of Action

II. The Value Orders of Society
Elements of The Order of Values
The Migration of News Images
Ideology, Image Manipulation and News
Being Right: The Hidden Ideology of News

III. A Game Model of Communication
Players and Plays: The Elements
of a Game Model

Schematics of Action
More on Image
Image and the Unconscious
A Science of Image

IV. News as Narrative
News Form
News Content
Schemas and Stories

V. The Model Applied
This Week With David Brinkley

VI. The Psychodynamics of News
Sadism, Insensitivity, and Grandiosity
The Psychology of the Scapegoat
Transference and News
Narcissism, Association and Taboo
Psychoanalysis and Exchange Theory

VII. Forms and Reasons
How Discrediting Attacks are Disguised
The Reasons for Action
The Power Structure of Newsrooms

VIII. Conclusion
The Ethical Reporter

1. More on Schema
2. The Nature of Social interaction
This is a very condensed summary of
the more formal theory of interaction
contained in the book.


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