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Film and Television Theory

Culture, Society, Self & Nature This essay offers the broadest possible overview with which to understand the philosophy of transparency.
Popular Fiction & the Quest for Freedom

The Meaning of Mad Max and Deconstruction, Transparency & Salvage

What Transparency Is About

These offer a condensed description of the philosophy of interpretation found in the three sections that make up The Landscape of Fiction, and the larger site.
Contemporary Storytelling: Tales of Life Way After the Fall Movies and television and other forms of popular fiction show us the fallen state of our selves and society, and the creation of the better selves and societies we would like to bring about. But they don't merely depict these things. They also employ techniques that evoke a state of wholeness and benevolence in viewers, so we temporarily become the same kind of better selves that we are watching on the screen. This essay provides a more detailed introduction to the ideas on how we should interpret movies and television and other forms of popular fiction and nonfiction, that are used throughout the three sections that make up The Landscape of Fiction. This is a long essay.
A Note on the Title Movies and television often take us into a psychoanalytic geography of spaces that are disguised representations of personality,  the human body, the household of childhood and the possibilities of existence. The heroes travel through these domains as part of their quest.
The Real Self in a Virtual World This is the beginning and conclusion of an essay that provides a basic philosophical statement on popular culture as an expression of human nature.


Despite their apparent diversity, movies and television express a coherent vision. In essence, they tell stories that depict our deepest desires to lead a full life; see other people treated fairly; and share in a good society. And they show us characters who have to face primordial fears, regressive desires, and landscapes of oppression, as they seek the better selves and societies they know should exist. By understanding the vision they offer, we can get a step closer to creating a world that embodies these same values. These essays are part of an effort to understand that vision.

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